everybody thinks i'm chinese but i'm not

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There’s two types of anger one is dry and the other wet and basically wet anger is when your eyes water and your voice shakes and I hate that cause I feel weak when I’m crying while angry I like dry anger when your face is like stone and your voice is sharp I guess wet anger shows that you care too much and dry anger means you’re done.

This is the best description ever

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white lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes


i dont chase after men but if he has tattoos and muscles a bitch just might power walk

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3 stages of drunk

1. No way

2. Yes way

3. Three way

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call the police


you know what constantly blew my mind as a child

in movies when a character is looking straight into their reflection in a mirror


how does the camera not show up in the mirror

actually never mind about the whole “as a child” business i still haven’t figured this shit out

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send me questions/messages pls cos i’m super duper bored ty x

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